Bad behavior hampers MAYB experience

By Steve Sell
August 07, 2017

Monday’s musings...

• BOL BOL’S TEAM WALKS OFF — I’ve been to MAYB Tournaments countless times.

More often than not, I leave gyms with my blood pressure rising. I also leave thinking these tournaments would be better served if fans were not allowed, even though I know that’s impossible.

The MAYB experience should be incredibly beneficial. Instead, from some of the games I’ve been to, it’s all about coaches and fans venting their frustrations at the officiating. How they get enough officials to put up with such verbal garbage is beyond me.

Case in point, the MAYB Nationals were conducted over the weekend in Wichita and perhaps the most recognizable player in the event was 7-2 Bol Bol, who once played at Bishop Miege and is now at Mater Dei in California. He's already been offered by KU and Kentucky and is the son of the late NBA player Manute Bol.

In the semifinals, Bol’s team was playing the Central Kansas Elite, which was being coached by Clint Kinnamon, brother of McPherson High coach Kurt Kinnamon.

With the score 71-61 in favor of the Kansans with 6 minutes left, Bol’s Midwest Flight team walked off the court after the team was hit with its sixth technical of the game. According to a game report by The Wichita Eagle, both teams had seven fouls in the second half at the time of its ending.

“We feel like it’s downright disrespectful the way the refs were treating us this week,” Midwest coach Monte Harrison said to The Eagle’s Taylor Eldredge. “Who calls (six) technical fouls? That’s crazy to be giving out that many technicals to kids. And then one of the refs told one of our guys to ‘Shut the hell up and play.’ Who does that?

“This whole weekend we had referees coming up asking about (Bol) and it’s like they’re more worried about who he is then being professional and reffing the game,” Harrison went on. “I know it’s exciting to see those type of players and we have some of the top kids in the country. But we didn’t bring our team down here just to be disrespected like that. We had the same thing happen to us last year.

“I wasn’t pulling them off because we were losing. The other team played a hell of a game, but there were still 6 minutes left. We had plenty of time. I don’t teach my kids to be disrespectful. We don’t do things like that in our program. But when you give respect and don’t receive it in return, that’s not what we’re about.”

Clint Kinnamon said he’d never seen anything like it.

“It’s not like they were getting beat by guys who aren’t very good,” Kinnamon said. “All of our guys are going to be college players. In some ways, it was kind of disrespectful to our kids a little bit because it was like, ‘Well, we’re getting beat by guys we shouldn’t lose to, so we’re going to take our ball and go home.’ ”

I also heard of a report from a source close to the situation where a coach accosted an official on Saturday, which is beyond insane to me.

It’s a shame these type of incidents happen because the MAYB folks do an incredible job of putting events like this together. It’s too bad that people can’t keep their emotions in check and set a bad example for our youth.

• ROYALS AT CROSSROADS WITH NO SALVY — The Royals, still right in the thick of the playoff race, will now go the next month without emotional heartbeat Salvador Perez.

Perez is on the disabled list with an intercostal strain on his right side, which will probably keep him out 4 weeks.

That means Drew Butera, who generally plays once a week, will probably play six days a week with untested Cam Gallagher as his backup.

I always say that when Butera plays, he does at least one good thing a game whether it’s delivering a clutch hit, moving a runner over from second to third by hitting to the right side or throwing out a baserunner.

But I worry the increased workload will be too much for Butera. But he was given a good deal of money just for this situation and you know he’ll give everything he has.

With Perez out of the lineup, the other Royals know they’re going to have to be a little bit better to make up for his absence.

• ONE WEEK AWAY — At this time next week, high school teams will be going through the paces for the first time.

Next Monday is the first day allowed by the Kansas State High School Activities Association for teams to practice. Hopefully the weather of the last 10 days will continue as the worry for the first week is always about broiling temperatures.

I am busying compiling information from the various area coaches for the fall edition of the Mid Kansas Sports Magazine. We publish four times a year and the fall edition is the kickoff to the new year.