City renews annual contracts

By KBBE News
December 27, 2017

The city of McPherson signed most of its yearly contracts at the Dec. 27 City Commission meeting. Here’s what contracts were renewed:

Each year the city enters into a contract with McPherson Hospital for providing EMS Services to the citizens of McPherson.  As part of the contract, the City of McPherson (along with McPherson County) provides operational funding, capital improvement funding, and ambulance insurance to McPherson Hospital in exchange for service to McPherson and McPherson County.

The City of McPherson has contracts to provide fire service to McPherson Township, King City Township, and Fire District #10 (South New Gottland Township).  Attached are three contracts with the respective fire districts.  The contract amounts are based on .4% of the total final assessed valuation for each district in 2016.

The 2018 Contract Amounts for the respective Township Fire Districts are listed below:

Fire District No. 10/South New Gottland - $18,996.30

McPherson Township - $159,272.89

King City Township - $163,362.51

McPherson Water Park with the McPherson Recreation Commission

The McPherson Recreation Commission rents a building in Lakeside Park next to the McPherson Water Park from the City of McPherson.  MRC intends to utilize that building at least for a partial year in 2018.

The City of McPherson contracts with the McPherson Industrial Development Corporation to provide professional industrial recruitment and retention services for the City of McPherson.